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Author Christopher Paolini
Cover Artist John Jude Palencar
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf
Release Date September 20, 2008
Type Hardcover, Paperback, Audio
Pages 784
Proceeded By Eldest
Followed by Inheritance

Brisingr is the third book in the Inheritance Cycle. It would be released on September 20th, 2008.


[edit] Cover Flap Summary

Continuing after the big battle against the Empire's warriors at the Burning Plains, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, barely escape with their lives. There is more at hand for the Rider and his dragon, as Eragon finds himself bound by a bunch of promises he may not be able to keep.

His first oath is to his cousin Roran: to help rescue Roran's beloved, Katrina from the evil Ra'zac. But he owes his loyalty to others as well. The Varden are in need of his talents, as are the elves and dwarves. When danger strikes from every corner, Eragon will need to make decisions. Some that will take him across the Empire and may lead to sacrifice.

Brisingr will explore how Eragon must come to terms with his role as a leader and his obligations that weigh heavily on his shoulders as a Dragon Rider.

[edit] Plot Summary

Brisingr starts off four days after the Battle of the Burning Plains, as Eragon, Saphira and Roran are spying on a group of worshipers of Helgrind, who are performing ceremonies on slaves. Eragon wants to free these slaves but realizes it would be foolish to as it would reveal their plan. Later, Roran makes a request for Eragon to teach him how to use magic, Eragon starts with teaching him "Stenr Risa" but warns him to be careful if he manages to perform this successfully. Eragon would show Roran how to shield his mind from anyone who may want into his mind and finds out that Roran's love is really strong for Katrina. While teaching Roran all of this, he heals Roran's injured shoulder to back to what it use to do though it would drain even more energy out of him, as he is already exhausted from all the magic he used from the Battle of the Burning Plains.

[edit] Revenge

Eragon reaches out with his mind, in search of the Ra'zac or any other enemies lying in the bushes but comes across a flower growing on a rock that it shouldn't be growing on and soon realizes that a part of the mountain is an illusion and is an entrance to inside of the mountain. While making their way to the illusion, they are attacked by the Ra'zac and their pets the Lethrblaka. Eragon soon realizes that he is not able to sense the minds of the Ra'zac. The Ra'zac would be drawn away after the help from Saphira who chased them off. Exploring into the mountain, Eragon would find Katrina but would be ambushed by the Ra'zac once more. One of the Ra'zac would end up being killed by Roran, while Eragon would receive a burn from the Seither Oil from an arrow from the Ra'zac. Roran would come across the cell with Katrina inside and would try to free her while Eragon goes off to look in the other cells, before coming across an eyeless Sloan. Not sure on what to do, as he knows he shouldn't kill Sloan, but if Sloan is killed, or released then it could cause permanent tension between Roran and Katrina. Roran would come in search of Eragon, as he would need his help for opening the cell door to Katrina. Before going, Eragon would put Sloan to sleep and notify Roran that Sloan was killed with his neck broken. Saphira would tell Eragon that she had killed the last Lethrblaka, though the battle had been seen by a group of fishermen who had now fled to Dras-Leona and troops were on their way to Helgrind.

[edit] Fleeing Helgrind

Realizing he couldn't leave Sloan to die in Helgrind, Eragon would send Roran and Katrina away on the back of Saphira back to the Varden before Saphira could realize what was happening and stop him. Eragon would come across the remaining Ra'zac who attempts to bargain with Eragon. He asks of him to tell the tales of the Ra'zac, in exchange for information about Galbatorix. This would help to find out how close Galbatorix to finding the name that wouldn't be revealed. Eragon would refuse the deal and anger the Ra'zac who attempts to kill Eragon but falls to Eragon's staff. Finding Sloan, Eragon escapes with him while avoiding the Imperial Troops who finally arrive. While setting up camp, miles away from Helgrind, he goes out in search of food and hunts rabbits and lizards. He would eat the cooked rabbit and half of the lizard before giving the rest to Sloan. Eragon would find out Sloan's true name after searching his mind and learn about his life and his intentions. Upon discovering his true name, Eragon contacts Islanzadi and asks what to do and get her advice to send Sloan towards the elves with magic binding to his name. He would not reveal to Sloan that the elves could restore his eyes but he didn't want Sloan to beg the elves and get his eyes restored out of pity.

[edit] Trial of the Long Knives

After her authority is questioned by Fadawar, Nasuada accepts taking the Trial of the Long Knives. For her to retain her leadership of the Varden, and gain control of the Wandering Tribes, she would need to compete in this brutal trial as both competitors will need to cut slits on their arms from the elbow down, until one of them could not withstand anymore pain. They would only be able to have six cuts on each arm to prevent any permanent damage. Hardening their arms would cause the pain to be worse, while relaxing the arm would make it easier to deal with the pain. Nasuada would manage to win the trial after making two cuts in a row. After the trial, neither competitors are allowed to heal their wounds by magic as they are suppose to feel the full force of the pain.

[edit] Search

After Roran, Katrina, and Saphira make their arrival in the Varden camp, Arya decides to set off in search for Eragon and bring him back to the Varden personally. While on his way back to the Varden, Eragon comes across a man named Tenga, who lives in an old elven building and uses magic, owns books and compendiums on almost anything. He would speak up about looking for an answer to his question, though the question would never be revealed and Eragon would continue on his way back to the Varden.

[edit] Reunion

Eragon would stop in Eastcroft for the night and come across a female human who was being harassed by farmers. Sticking up for the female human, he discovers that it was Arya in disguise and they both sneak out of the town during the middle of the night. Once they make it out of Eastcroft, they'd come across a group of solders who Eragon and Arya are forced to kill. While during this little fight, Eragon would injure his hand after punching the soldier in the chest. Once the fight is over, Arya would heal his hand, though he would think on how he could avoid these injuries in the future. Hee would use magic to create large callouses on his knuckles to make his own "Fists of Steel". Arya would remind Eragon to use Brom's old ring, Aren to recover his strength though to only use it for any important times. While camping out, they would talk about Arya's imprisonment, as well as Eragon would sing her a flower. In return, she would create a small boat and enchant it to fly through the sky forever by feeding on the energy from the plants. Spirits would suddenly appear in the camp and learn that Eragon had set free the spirits inside of Durza before leaving. Once they had left, Eragon would notice his flower had been turned into gold and gems.

[edit] Marriage

Nasuada would meet up with Roran while he is continuing his training. She asks if he would like to be assigned under another man, mentioning that this would help him advance in the ranks quicker and prove himself better if he does so. He would ask if the mission could wait until Eragon makes his return back to the Varden so that he can marry Katrina and himself as soon as possible, so that Katrina will keep her honor. Nasuada would understand the meaning behind this and agree to have the mission wait until Eragon returns. The twelve elves sent by Islanzadí arrive at the Varden camp. The leader Blödhgarm has fur of a panther, eyes of an eagle, and the fangs of a wolf. To make sure that the elves are not human spies sent by Galbatorix, Nasuada would have the leader of her Nighthawks, Captain Garvin to search there minds though he was warned that he may be harmed if he searches in the wrong spots and lose his mind. He wouldn't lose his mind after looking through each of their minds, though he is physically affected by it.

[edit] The Curse Lifted

Returning to the Varden Camp, Arya and Eragon bring relief to the whole army as the Dragon Rider has return. The next day, Eragon would pay a visit to Angela, who is casting her dragon knuckles to tell the fortune of the two girls. One girl is handsome but with scars on her wrists, while the other has forearms of a swordsman. Eragon would give them blessings before the depart and Eragon would discover that Tenga use to be Angela's master and that he'd ask a new question after every answer. Next, he would go to Nasuada's tent and tend to lifting the cure off of Elva and after using a long counter spell that took him a while to create, he'd find out that it wouldn't work as planned. Instead of removing it, he made it so Elva could choose to ignore the pain of others if she wanted, though she can still sense them. She says that she plans to use these powers for what she wants from now on, including taking down the Empire. Eragon would attempt to make another spell that could harm her but she would leave the tent before he had the chance, leaving him disappointed, her adoptive mother hurt, Angela mad, and Nasuada stunned.

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