Arya Dröttningu

Arya Dröttningu
Name(s) Arya Dröttningu
Born 7899BC
Species Elf
Dragon Firnen
Gender Female
Affiliation Dragon Riders, Varden, Elves

[edit] Introduction

Arya is an elf, succeeding her mother Queen Islanzadi as queen of the elven race. Arya's father was the late King Evandar, who had died in battle years before. Arya is an impassive and stoic character, and at the same time blunt: criticizing the Dwarves for their lack of knowledge about elves and immoral beliefs.

[edit] Appearance

Arya has raven-black hair and green, slanted eyes with tawny skin. She is considered beautiful by Eragon.

[edit] Powers

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