Species Humans
Location North. East of The Spine
Terrain Forest
Main Industry Farming and hunting
Capital N/A
Government The Empire
Head of State Galbatorix

Carvahall is a village in the Palancar Valley that is closest to Eragon's farm. It becomes a pivotal plot setting during the early events of the first book. It is also where Brom lives out his final days, being locally known as a hermit of sorts. Eventually, the Ra'Zac would lay siege to the town in the hopes of blackmailing Eragon by capturing his last living relative, Roran, and slaughter his hometown. Roran would later break the siege and take the remaining survivors to the remnants of the Varden during Brisingr.

In the movie adaptation and video game, Carvahall is also used as a major location and one level, respectively.

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