Species Elves
Location North in Du Weldenvarden
Terrain Forest
Main Industry Farming and gathering
Capital N/A
Government Monarchy
Head of State Islanzadí

Ellesméra is the capital city of the elven kingdom and home to the Elven Queen, Islanzadi. The city has been protected by Gilderien since the time of Du Fyrn Skulblaka. And it is also the home of Oromis, the last of the old Ruder Order, and Rhunön, the maker of the original Rider swords. It is located deep in the forest of Du Weldenvarden, which was sung entirely from a pine forest. These trees would grow into the shape of whatever the singer desired. This is how their houses, bows, and other items are made. Elves would also sing flower seeds so that they will grow from their own energy and magic.

Meat is not eaten in Ellesméra or any other elven city. If Glaedr would kill a deer, he would have to take it away from the city so it didn't defile the air.

[edit] Heart of the City

In the center of the city, there is the Menoa Tree. Linnëa was an elf who sang herself into the biggest tree in the forest. It is described to be a hundred times in girth as the other trees around it. Eragon would discover that the tree had a large conscience that he couldn't wrap his own mind around.

The Menoa Tree is very powerful and protective of the forest. When she confronts Eragon and Ssphira, she stated that if Galbatorix were to attack her forest, she would destroy him.

The Blood-Oath Celebration takes place under the Menoa Tree in Eldest. Once every hundred years, Elves from all over the forest, celebrate the pact that they made with the dragons to establish peace and form the Dragon Riders.

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