Name(s) Murtagh Morzansson
Born 7982 AC
Species Human
Dragon Thorn
Gender Male
Affiliation Empire (earlier), Gabatorix (earlier), Dragon Riders
Teachers Galbatorix, Tornac

Murtagh is one of the remaining Dragon Riders and second only to Galbatorix. He was first introduced when Brom and Saphira broke into the jail where Eragon and Arya were kept prisoner. During Eragon's confinement, Arya was in a self-induced coma to protect her secrets from the Ra'zac. Eragon, on the other hand, was continuously fed drugged food and water that all but disabled his magic- a fact he eventually picked up on.

Eventually, Brom would recruit Murtagh to aid him in breaking Eragon out of jail. Deciding to accompany the group, Murtagh tagged along until they reached the Varden. During this stay, Murtagh refused the Twins' compulsory request to scan his mind, creating suspicion. After the leader of the Varden recognized Murtagh as Morzan's son, he was imprisoned until the Battle of Farthen Dur where he would be released to test his valor.

Murtagh would eventually betray the Varden and slay its leader, escaping with the Twins to Galbatorix. Galbatorix would severely punish him for fleeing years earlier and force him to hatch Thorn, the second to last Dragon Egg.

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