Seithr oil

Seithr Oil is a liquid substance that is from petals of the Seithr Plant, that grows on an island in the frigid northern seas. The oil is usually harmless and used for preserving petals, but when an certain incantation is spoken, it becomes an offering of a blood sacrifice. It can eat away anything living or previously alive, but will leave something left anything else that comes in contact with untouched. It is used by assassins and the Ra'zac. It is assumed it was used by the Ra'zac to murder Garrow, and used on the dagger that the Ra'zac tried to killed Eragon with. Brom would be murdered by this dagger when protecting Eragon. They would use the shipping records of the oil to track down the Ra'zac.

The word "Seithr" in the Ancient Language means "witch".

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